“Music is Medicine” 

wihtikow Jenni Makahnouk

This month’s PRESS PLAY featured artist is Edmonton-based electronic composer wihtikow. Over the last few years, wihtikow has released a string of full-length, low-key ambient electronic works. “Music is Medicine” was intended for his 2022 release, ᐃᐧᐦᑎᑯᐤ, but he says that “the mood of it was a little too chipper and didn’t fit the theme” of the record as a whole.

True to its name, “Music is Medicine” serves as an antidote to a hectic and manic mind. A low, repetitive hum slowly grows into a sparkling kaleidoscope of sound that wihtikow has become known for. By the time the deep drops in a little more than mid-way through, whatever cares or concerns you had at the start of the track are gone.

The cover of Jessica Moss's album, Galaxy Heart. It appears to be a photo of a frozen riverbed, but the image is turned upside down.
Jessica Moss 
Galaxy Heart