Zane Coppard 
“Give More”

Zane Coppard MacKenzie Walker

This month’s PRESS PLAY artist is Vancouver’s Zane Coppard, whose unique take on pop music blends elements from R&B, hip-hop, goth, industrial, electro and EDM. This month, Zane shares the song “Give More” and says this about its origin:

“Give More” is about a dynamic between people where one party makes the other constantly feel like they can be giving more of themselves, with the whole purpose of the relationship being to feed off of the “givers” energy. I suppose the song is about having a relationship with someone who is deeply narcissistic. “Give More” features Mat Wilkins (AKA Cain Price) singing the chorus. He wrote the melody in one take while I first played him the demo, it was rather magical. I hadn’t written many of the lyrics by the time he had sent over his final vocal recording. It was such a beautiful moment when I heard what he was singing about in the chorus. We hadn’t talked about what the song was going to be about before he recorded those vocals, but it was like we were feeling the same thing. Both of our sets of lyrics, written separately, felt like they were communicating the same feeling. 

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