Razaq El Toro 
“Coolu Temper”

Razaq El Toro • Bryton Garay

This month’s featured PRESS PLAY artist is Razaq El Toro. Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, El Toro is currently based in Toronto, where he’s working to bring Eko Electronic (a reimagining of Afrobeats in an electronic musical space) to a wider audience.

El Toro’s PRESS PLAY contribution continues his musical conversation inspired by the native sounds of Nigeria and electronic music:

“Lagbaja is an iconic masked Afrobeat artist from Nigeria. ‘Coolu Temper’ was one of his original hits from back in the day. I always loved that guitar riff, so I had to re-imagine it in a different space. Hope you dig it.”

PRESS PLAY: “Coolu Temper” by Razaq El Toro

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