The Moneygoround 
“Be Nice to Everyone You Meet (demo)”

The Moneygoround (photo: Heather Doyle)

This month’s featured PRESS PLAY artist is Charlottetown’s the Moneygoround. “Be Nice to Everyone You Meet” hails from their debut record, Cruisin’ and Swingin’ with The Moneygoround (released on March 25, 2022). Produced by Joel Plaskett, the album was recorded at Fang Recording in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The band is sharing the earliest version of the song, and band member Dennis Ellsworth gives us a snapshot of how it all came about:

“In the summer of 2021, the Moneygoround started working on songs that would make up our debut album. The song “Be Nice to Everyone You Meet” was written in August, and as they do with our band, it came together quickly and organically. In this voice memo, you get a sense of the song as we had intended it before we landed in the studio and it was transformed by Joel Plaskett. Joel put the groove in the song. I love the version on the record, but there is also something cool about the song in its early form.”

Sister Ray