Torch & Twang Vol. 04: 05 02 2023

Torch & Twang Vol. 04: May 02, 2023

  1. Amos the Kid – “Enough as it Was”
  2. Aline Winant – “Adrian”
  3. Nico Paulo – “Now or Never”
  4. David James Allen – “Another Day Older”
  5. Avalon Tassonyi – “Yes or No”
  6. Logan Staats – “Folk Song”
  7. Taylor Ashton – “Hand in My Pocket”
  8. Willows – “Marie-Anne”
  9. Wyatt C. Louis – “Dancing with Sue”
  10. Nick Ferrio & His Feelings – “Half the Time”
  11. Leith Ross – “Music Box”
  12. Kris Ulrich – “Friends on the Internet”
  13. Feist – “Song for Sad Friends”

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Chole Palomino 
“On the Bowery”