Torch & Twang Vol. 03: 04 04 2023

Chaya Harvey

Torch & Twang Vol. 03:
April 04, 2023

  1. Chaya Harvey – “Born in Spring”
  2. Lucy Farrell – “Paperthin”
  3. Olivia Khoury – “Je laisse ici”
  4. Aidan Saunders – “Inside”
  5. Claire Coupland – “Drifting in the Breeze”
  6. Jeremie Albino – “Across the Hall”
  7. Jacob Brodovsky – “Me and My Mental Health”
  8. Amanda Rheaume – “Do About Her”
  9. Goldie Boutilier – “He Thinks That I’m an Angel”
  10. Erik Fines – “Somethin’ ’Bout A Train”
  11. Dawson Gool – “I Was Wrong”
  12. Jimmy Jay Swinn – “Long and Dusty Road”
  13. Whitney K – “Song For A Friend”

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