The Reservoir 004

Future Girls

The Reservoir 004:
February 06, 2024

  1. The Long Run – “Running on Eggshells”
  2. Heavy Petter – “Romance in Hogtown”
  3. Treehouse of Horror – “Ben Drowned”
  4. Fight on Sight – “Hunted”
  5. Faiyaz and the Wasted Chances – “Antisocial”
  6. The OBGMs – “Fight Song”
  7. Maldita – “Activismo”
  8. The Filthy Radicals – “That’s Quite Enough”
  9. Yours Sincerely – “The Covers”
  10. The Classy Wrecks – “Figure It Out”
  11. Samurai – “Call of The Beast”
  12. Please Don’t Crash – “Cut Off My Hands”
  13. Fucked Up – “Cops”
  14. Wet For Days – “Listen Up”
  15. Future Girls – “Cross Streets”

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