Quick Before it Melts 030: 04 25 2023

Wares [ Levi Manchuk]

Program Name 000:
Month 00, 2022

  1. Wares – “Graceless”
  2. The Stills – “Being Here”
  3. Louise Burns – “Bloom”
  4. Britt A.M. – “Suffer the Bruise”
  5. Uh Huh – “Redemption Pause”
  6. ALL HANDS_MAKE LIGHT – “The Sons And Daughters Of Poor Eternal”
  7. Witch Prophet – “Energy Vampire (ft. DillanPonders)”
  8. Sargeant X Comrade – “The Moutain (ft. K-riz)”
  9. Junior Boys – “In the Morning”
  10. Murray A. Lightburn – “Dumpster Gold”
  11. Russell Louder – “Movie Queen”

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