Quick Before it Melts 001: April 28, 2021

DOMINIONATED is pleased to present the inaugural edition of Quick Before it Melts, an internet music radio show thingy, streaming on Mixcloud and through the player below.

Quick Before it Melts 001: April 27, 2021

  1. Men Without Hats: “I Got the Message”
  2. Russell Louder: “Cost of Living”
  3. Handsome Furs: “Repatriated”
  4. Century Egg: “Do You Want to Dance?”
  5. The Besnard Lakes: “Feuds With Guns”
  6. Charlotte Cornfield: “You Can Have it All”
  7. Twist: “Waves”
  8. DijahSB: “That’s Alright (feat. Clairmont The Second)”
  9. Clairmont The Second: “Bent”
  10. Julien Sagot: “Cendre et descendre”
  11. Misc: “Alt-X (Alt Version)”
  12. Dorothea Paas: “Anything Can’t Happen”
  13. BEYRIES: “What We Have”
  14. Cedric Noel: “Nighttime (Skin)”
  15. Khotin: “Lucky Egg”
Dan Edmonds
Good Fortune Assembly
Eulogy Eulogy
To Be True EP