Quick Before it Melts 022: 07 26 2022

Poolblood • Jibril Yassin

Quick Before it Melts 022:
July 26, 2022

  1. Poolblood – “twinkie”
  2. Zoon (feat. Leanne Betasamosake Simpson) – “Astum”
  3. Affiliate Links – “Baby’s Changing Stations”
  4. Matt Steele – “Vintage Photo Filter”
  5. Weird Lines – “A Dog in the Eye of the Storm”
  6. Julianna Riolino – “Lone Ranger”
  7. The Burning Hell – “The Last Normal Day”
  8. Pink Blob – “Offline”
  9. Kazdoura – “Titi Titi”
  10. KITTY PROZAC – “Jesus was a Trans Girl”
  11. Wolf Parade – “This Heart’s On Fire”
  12. Mise en Scene – “You Feel Good”
  13. Rachel Bobbitt – “Bandages”
  14. Matt Foster – “Everything”
  15. Status/Non-Status – “Mashkiki Sunset”

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