Quick Before it Melts 015: November 9, 2021

Le Ren • Yang Shi x Jean-Guillaume Bastin (jg+shi)

Quick Before it Melts 015:
November 9, 2021

  1. Mint Simon – “Tongue Tied”
  2. Land of Talk – “Moment Feed”
  3. Cola – “Blank Curtain”
  4. Jesse Harding – “Annie”
  5. Kaia Kater – “Parallels”
  6. Jean-Michel Blais – “doux”
  7. Cedric Noel – “Allies”
  8. Le Ren – “May Hard Times Pass Us By”
  9. Sebastian Gaskin and HAVS – “Best Part”
  10. Naomi – “Zéro stress”
  11. PS I Love You  – “In My Mind at Least”
  12. The Pack A.D. – “Fair Enough”
  13. The Holiday Crowd – “Painted Like a Forest”
  14. Baby O – “29”
  15. Jane Siberry – “One More Colour”

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Tunic, Quitter (album art)
Le Ren, Leftovers (album art)
Le Ren