Northern Refractions 010: 01 16 2023

Luna Li

Northern Refractions 010:
January 16, 2023

  1. Luna Li – “daydream”
  2. Katie McBride – “don’t eat me, don’t leave me”
  3. Dawn to Dawn – “A Colour Named by You (Instrumental)”
  4. Jessica Moss – “Uncanny Being (Violin Study #2)”
  5. Anne Sulikowski – “Unteleported Man”
  6. Robin Hatch – “Airplane (feat. Laura Bates)”
  7. Laura Barrett – “stop giving your children standardized tests, part one”
  8. Lyndsie Alguire – “the night is in my mouth”
  9. Joni Void and Sarah Pagé – “Void Spark”
  10. Kara-Lis Coverdale – “Imgs /r”
  11. ouri – “figure profane”
  12. Pantayo – “Heto Na”
  13. Sarah Neufeld – “Stories”

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“Just Like Heaven”