Northern Refractions 003: 03 08 2022

The Golden Age of Wrestling • Jeff Cancade

Northern Refractions 003:
March 08, 2022

  1. The Golden Age of Wrestling – “i miss eating big league chew and watching nitro in the basement of your old house”
  2. Badge Époque Ensemble – “Nature Man and Woman”
  3. EEJUNGMI – “Breathless”
  4. Jonas Bonnetta – “Little Fogo”
  5. Starving Ghosts – “Past Apartment”
  6. Yoyu – “In Heartspace Portal”
  7. The Dears – “Where The World Begins And Ends”
  8. Last Ex – “Hotel Blues”
  9. loscil – “Edifice”
  10. bird feet – “sick and tired”
  11. Sunnsetter – “Always growing, to the end ( and it continues )”

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