Northern Refractions 001: 01 11 2022

Northern Refractions is an ambient, experimental, (mostly) instrumental multi-coloured and textured exploration of the outer limits in Canadian music’s past, present, and future. Listen in on the latest transmission brought to you by DOMINIONATED and streaming on Mixcloud now.

Northern Refractions 001

  1. Affect Display – “Until the Light Hits the Door”
  2. Korea Town Acid – “Thiis World Is Sick (병)”
  3. Justin Small – “Vangellical”
  4. Venetian Snares – “10th Circle of Winnipeg”
  5. Lawful Citizen – “The Day After”
  6. Miraj – “Motherboard”
  7. Patient Hands – “No Graves”
  8. Saltland – “Magnolia”
  9. Eve Parker Finely – “Toy Animal Contemplates Life”
  10. Princess Century – “Sunrise 101/Last Disco”
  11. Light Conductor – “Splitting Light (Radio Edit)”
Ptarmigan Cocoon album art
Matchbox by Meagan Aversa
Meagan Aversa
Matchbox EP