The DOMINIONATED Podcast Episode 09:
Fucked Up, Golden Drag, Shirley & The Pyramids, The Dirty Nil, Helena Deland

Mac and Geoff talk about their excitement for Fucked Up’s forthcoming album Dose Your Dreams, their legacy and why they might be the greatest Canadian band of this century (so far). We also talk about how to build a musical foundation in the streaming age, Golden Drag’s Pink Sky; Shirley & the Pyramids and their record Pure Pain; The Dirty Nil’s “Pain of Infinity” and their forthcoming record Master Volume and Helena Deland’s gorgeous song “Claudion”.

Featured Tracks:
“Raise Your Voice Joyce” by Fucked Up
“Caught Leaking Light” by Golden Drag
“One Life” by Shirley & the Pyramids
“Pain of Infinity” by The Dirty Nil
“Claudion” by Helena Deland

The Breaking Point