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Episode 04: The Big Shiny DOMINIONATED Podcast

We are living in a time where curation has become an unprecedented commodity. A few weeks ago Spotify, the streaming giant, went public. There is — apparently — money to be made in the streaming/curation industry, of course, not for most musicians but for someone! In Canada, the signpost that curated mixes might eventually become the way to consume music was the MuchMusic-produced alt-rock mix, Big Shiny Tunes. On this episode of the Dominionated Podcast Mac and Geoff discuss several editions of the series. Topics include: the strange inclusion of Bran Van 3000 on Big Shiny Tunes 2; the slow growth of-of the Cancon infrastructure; the two pillars of early 2000s popular Canadian rock music (Nickelback and Sum 41) and the impact they had on Canadian alternative music; the confidence of early 00s Canadian major labels; the strange addition of emo into the MuchMusic machine; Alexisonfire as unlikely rockstars; the end of CD sales, and so much more.

Songs included in this episode:
“Blink” by Pale Red
“Drinking in LA” by Bran Van 3000
“Load Me Up” by Matthew Good Band
“The Hell Song” by Sum 41
“Nothing to Lose” by Billy Talent
“Weighty Ghost” by Wintersleep
“No Transitory” by Alexisonfire

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“In Contentment”
Various Artists
Grey Matter