The DOMINIONATED Podcast Episode 01:
DOMINIONATED’s Favourite Fifty Albums of 2017

The DOMINIONATED Podcast, Episode 01: DOMINIONATED’s Favourite Fifty Albums of 2017

“Podcast is king.” That’s what the digital marketers will tell you, and despite any disposition I may have towards digital marketers, they are right. I listen to podcasts almost as much as I listen to music, which, is a lot. Reading takes all of your attention; podcasting takes about half! I know that your focus is spread thin — it’s hard to resist clicking through to all that gloriously useless gossip posted on the real music news sites — so we are going to try to let you consume Dominionated in a way that better suits your busy life. We aren’t exactly sure what form if any, The Dominonated Podcast will take. But we hope that we can share our passion for Canadian music with more people this way and hopefully, we can provide an outlet for others to share their love for whatever Canadian song, album or artist has been getting them through, or enhancing, their lives.

For our first episode, contributing editor Geoff Parent and I countdown and discuss the 2017 edition of the Dominionated Favourite Fifty. We had a good time! You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Thanks for reading, thanks for listening and thanks for caring about the music made by your neighbours, comrades, and country people.

Andre Ethier
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