Photo of Vince The Messenger taken by photographer Gessy Robin Gislain
Vince The Messenger by Gessy Robin Gislain

Vince The Messenger goes 20 or 20 discussing his musical history; P.E.I., Canada’s music and hip hop capital; going from producing to rapping like Kanye West; Kanye West; freestyling; his trusted producer Niimo; album narratives; the power of a one-producer-project; working and growing musically alongside Niimo; his new album, Trustfall; trust; “Dead World”; boom bap and the lessons he has learned from the golden era; channelling societal frustrations into music; hopes for the future; doing the work; the return of live shows and much.

Featured Tracks: “Black Sheep,” “Trustfall,” “Dead World”

Recommended Artists: Slime Da Garbage Mane, BLU KOBINA, Niimo