Stephanie Montani

It’s a meeting of the Macs as Mac Rogers goes 20 or 20 discussing: his path to jazz; ditching business and switching to music; the musical might of Humber College music grads; his new EP, Where Stems Meet Noise; Mac and Devon Savas’s “home to creations of an unbridled, cathartic nature” sibblinghumanbuddypal; trust; Toronto’s history of community-minded music making; inviting audiences in; arranging songs and much more.

Featured Tracks: “Struck,” “Hymn of Hmm”

Recommended Artists: Eulogy, Eulogy; Alexei Orechin; Burs, Leith Ross; Dan Edmonds; Tryal

Julien Sagot
“Paper Chasin' Freestyle,” “2:15,” “Got You”