RAY HMND goes 20 or 20 discussing: Brampton being the underdog to the world’s hip-hop underdog (Toronto); the growing sense of community in the underground, GTA hip-hop; collaborating with the featured artists on Komorebi; being inspired by K-OS and Jelleestone (and Drake); what “Komorebi” means to him; his new mixtape Komorebi; finding his sound; blending his rapping and singing and much more.

Featured Tracks: “Up feat. Jayci,” “Make Money feat. DijahSB,” “Fall”

Recommended Artists: Nicole Chambers, Vividd, Jayci, Victorthegiant, B1GJuice, Jevan Jervis, RAHiiM, Derin Falana

In Era
Little Sprout
Fake Cake