The DOMINIONATED Podcast Episode 10:
Jeremy Dutcher wins the Polaris Music Prize, Grayowl Point says goodbye and Bryan Adams goes to Ottawa

by Mac Cameron

September 25, 2018

Matt Barnes

CORRECTION: Laura Stanley served as Editor and Writer for Grayowl Point. In the above embedded episode, she is incorrectly identified as a Writer only. We apologize to Laura for this omission.

Mac and Geoff discuss Jeremy Dutcher winning the Polaris Music Prize for his stunning debut album Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa, the case for the continuing relevance of Polaris and our favourite performances from the Gala; Jim pops in to say goodbye to Grayowl Point; we dive into Bryan Adams’s history with the CRTC and his recent visit to Ottawa in the name of Canadian copyright law reformation; Geoff recommends Counterparts’ new EP Private Room; Mac recommends Klaus by Klaus.

Featured Tracks:
“Nipuwoltin” by Jeremy Dutcher
“It’s Only Love” by Bryan Adams
“Selfishly I Sink” by Counterparts
“Fever” by Klaus

Mac Cameron

While he is generally level-headed, Mac tends to get passionate about music. He was a contributor to Quick Before It Melts and is a member of Somersaulter.
Mac Cameron