The DOMINIONATED Podcast Episode 08:
A deep dive into Matthew Good Band's Beautiful Midnight and Chastity's Death Lust

by Mac Cameron

August 3, 2018

Mac and Geoff go deep on two records that have a lot in common: First, they discuss Chastity’s big feels alt-rock stunner Death Lust and then they go deep on what they consider one of the best Canadian rock albums of all time, Beautiful Midnight by Matthew Good Band.

Featured Tracks:
“Suffer” by Chastity
“Giant” by Matthew Good Band
“Load Me Up” by Matthew Good Band
“Born To Kill” by Matthew Good Band
“Red Light Syndrome” by Piner

Mac Cameron

While he is generally level-headed, Mac tends to get passionate about music. He was a contributor to Quick Before It Melts and is a member of Somersaulter.
Mac Cameron

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