Just a Taste: December 2023

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Holy Void, “Fear In Your Mind”


Holy Void is filling a vacuum that I didn’t know existed for me. “Fear In Your Mind” is a reverb-soaked, melodic mind-melt that rocks, rolls, wriggles and writhes far louder and faster than most of what I’ve been listening to lately. The six-piece Winnipeg-based band is gearing up for a mighty 2024, and based on the strength of this first single, I’m all in for whatever they have in mind. • Jim Di Gioia

Aylmer Jules, “Outside”


Ottawa’s Aylmer Jules released a dancy single, “Outside”, earlier this year. It seems all fun and vibes at first listen but I wonder if it’s actually begging listeners to step outside of their comfort zone and take a look at what’s really happening in the world. • Alyssa Gelata

Digits, Stay Alive


2024 marks my 18th year as a music blogger, which makes me feel reallllllllllllly old, but has also afforded me the opportunity to see some much beloved artists from those early years make a return to music. I was ecstatic to hear that Toronto-based electronic pop artist Digits (aka Alt Altman) was making a return in 2023 with Stay Alive, his third full-length. Picking up right from where he left off with 2015’s Get Through, Stay Alive is a synthy, dystopic exploration of what happens when societies collapse and it’s every person for themselves. Digits signature sounds are intact: minimal, efficient beats, poppy synths, and maudlin, melodic hooks. • Jim Di Gioia

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