“Making Me Feel (Alt Version)” by Blume

DOMINIONATED’s PRESS PLAY artist for September is Blume, aka Edmonton musician and composer Arthur Bennell.

Blume’s Synthetic Sounds For The Modern Soul, released in March of this year, was recorded in summer 2020 in Bennell’s apartment and explores synthetic textures in a way that’s soothing and mesmerizing. Messing around with hints of melody and musical composition, Synthetic Sounds For The Modern Soul is soul-soothing music at its finest. From that record, Bennell shares an alternate version of the song “Making Me Feel”:

“Making Me Feel” was a song that I had written quite a while back, but I never got around to actually recording until I released my debut album earlier this year. In my head I wanted it to sound like something the Velvet Underground could do, but struggled with capturing a sound I was happy with. When I recorded it for Synthetic Sounds For The Modern Soul, I added layers of faux string and woodwinds, hit the guitar with waves of tremolos, and focused on trying to bring out more dreamy qualities in the song.

“For this alternate version, I went back to the original intent and stripped it down a bit. Simple guitars and bass wander between two chords while a droney organ, floor tom, and tambourine carry the song through. It still has a dreamy vibe but it’s a bit more laid back and much similar to what I play live.”

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