“Falling Out of Love” and “Don’t Be Afraid” (ambient edits) by Am3r3

February’s PRESS PLAY featured artist is Toronto-based producer Am3r3 (pronounced Ah MEER), who is doubling your musical pleasure for the shortest month of the year by offering up two new tracks.

Both are ambient edits of songs Am3r3 released in 2021: “Falling Out of Love” and “Don’t Be Afraid.” He describes the process of re-interpreting the songs as “stripping down the song to its most essential parts and then sampling certain elements to create new tones and sounds. I used various modular synthesizers and various effects to create sounds farthest away from pop music and give the listener a sense of fear and unease.”

Always a fan of cinematic, wide-scope sounds, Am3r3 names both the Blade Runner and Alien movie franchises as inspiration for the edits, as well as the work of Daft Punk, Prince, and Arca. “These artists [are known for presenting] the same song in a new edit. These edits are my way of bringing the listener into the process of how a piece evolves — and perhaps devolves — like a living object.”

Press Play supporters on Patreon can download, save, and play “Falling Out of Love” and “Don’t Be Afraid” (ambient edit) now:

Julie Doiron 
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