eh to ZED vol. 2

We’re all collectively another year old. Yeah us. Have we changed much? Are we smarter this year than we were last year? Or has another 365 days swung us around the sun and back to this spot in space without imparting some profound wisdom on us about how our diversity makes us stronger? 

What will you do on this long weekend to mark yet another year of being Canada? What won’t you do? Who will celebrate with you? Who will you commiserate with? What will you be eating? Do you have enough to eat? Will you get drunk, or will you get high? Or will you do both, because now you legally can?

Though we may be divided by ideology, geography, and socio-economic constructs, there’s something in our collective DNA that binds us together: our art and music. It’s in our songs and the way we sing them; a unique quality that sets us apart from our geopolitical neighbours. A reminder that while other external forces are working to separate and divide us, our music is working its ass off to bring us together.

No Village
“Sun Poisoning”