Cassie Noble
Find A Way

by Tia Julien

November 29, 2019

It’s always exciting to hear new music from emerging female artists. The debut moment is one of triumph and revelation; themes carried throughout Cassie Noble’s EP, Find A Way. A synthesis of folk and rock, Find A Way is produced through the Ontario artist’s collaboration with Montréal artist, Brandon Patitucci. Together, they composed five tracks that tell a story of transformation — the pain and progress of personal growth.

Each song’s sound aesthetic changes with the narrative message, evolving through loneliness to new relationships. The moody electric guitar of “Lost At Sea” accentuates the story of loss told by the lyrics, “why can’t we find land?”. “By Now” spins with the repetitive phrase, “you think I would have learned by now,” until the narrative takes a turn for the better when “a hopeful ray of light falls in through the window after the night”. Gradually, the melodies become more upbeat with acoustic guitar and piano accents. Once lone and dominant, Noble’s voice strikes a nice balance with Patitucci’s harmonies. The final track, “To Build a Home”, speaks of laying down roots despite the uncertainty that weighs down the journey toward a new life. 

The narrative Cassie Noble creates is an honest story; like the emerging artist, it goes through confusion and fear to eventually find happiness. Find A Way features relatable lyrics and chordal simplicity, but tugs harder at the heartstrings than your average folk song. Noble’s vocals have the dynamism and emotion of a good storyteller. With Patitucci’s talent for production, the collaboration is an honest example of a successful first album. 

Tia Julien

Contributor at DOMINIONATED
Tia Julien is a writer, musician, and graduate student of ethnomusicology. When she’s not writing sad songs, Tia is studying spoken-word poetry, freelancing as an educator, and getting a little too personal on her blog.
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