by Josh Weinberg

January 12, 2018

Sievi crafts beautiful sample-infused electronica.


Calgary’s Sievi is an electronica artist making some of the most organic sounds I’ve heard in some time. Rebirth is his first solo foray, and its mix of synths with a variety of tones is quite an invigorating listen. The violin-esque notes on opener “Back Drift” and the bright and subtle brass on the standout single “Charms” are all stunning wake-up calls that will keep you dancing long after the record’s finished. Downtempo has never sounded this forward-thinking.

“Charms” in particular transforms from a mellow guitar line to a beat that would make any Super Nintendo fan proud. “All Sense” fuses a synth tone reminiscent of Japanese string instruments (along the lines of a koto or shamisen) with metallic pipe clangs and keyboards that will transport you straight to the streets of Tokyo. Drummer Joel Jeschke adds a rhythmic groove that blends in perfectly with many of these beats.

It’s something to behold when a small collection of electronica tunes feels this alive and aware. Rebirth firmly puts Sievi in control of his musical future. He’s aimed to make “electronic music that has a human feel.” With the brilliant use of samples as instruments themselves, it’s clear that this is more than just an artist finding their identity. It is a literal rebirth. The creativity on display is something I sincerely hope Sievi keeps up in future releases.

Josh Weinberg

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Josh Weinberg

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