Nice Apple
This Time Nice Apple is Auto-Cathecting

by Laura Stanley

August 7, 2019

Vancouver trio Nice Apple craft a pop-punk album that slickly fluctuates between spiny and sweet with no sugar rush.

On This Time Nice Apple is Auto​-​Cathecting, the Vancouver trio Nice Apple sound like they ate too many green apple flavoured Jolly Ranchers and now have a sugar rush. Their words spill out plentifully and swiftly – to borrow a line from the sizzling track “Hard To Know,” their “sentences seem to go on and on and on.” Funnily enough, the album’s opening line is: “Don’t listen to the things I say.” But with their quick-moving, candy-coated tongues, Nice Apple are cool and confident when sharing their songs of love, break-ups, and moving on, doing so with such piercing detail that you’d be foolish to heed to that advice.

The band has the gift of gab: I don’t think I’ve heard “meta-benevolent” used in a song before but Nice Apple do so on “Favourite City.” They also pack This Time Nice Apple is Auto​-​Cathecting with lots of other tasty stuff. “Tell Me About It” has a slinky guitar melody that dances throughout the track and on “Rollin’” the band sound light as they move hopefully towards the future. In each song, Nice Apple uses their unrelenting stream of power chords like a trampoline for their poppy melodies which twist, turn, and soar above the barrage of sound. The result is a pop-punk album that slickly fluctuates between spiny and sweet and you don’t even have to worry about having a sugar crash.

Laura Stanley

Contributor at DOMINIONATED
Laura is a freelance writer from Toronto. She was an editor of the now-defunct Canadian music blog Grayowl Point and is currently the folk & country editor of Exclaim! Magazine. She has a lot of feelings.
Laura Stanley

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