Lost Voices

by David Parker

March 4, 2018

2015’s Lost Voices is timeless, contemporary music to lose yourself in .


I would like to echo a Youtube user’s advice from the comments section of a God Speed! You Black Emperor album video: when listening to Esmerine’s 2015 release, Lost Voices, listen with your eyes closed, free from distractions, no rush, in the dark, and loud.

You can really get lost in these songs. Are we in Europe? Is it hundreds of years ago? The melodies sound ancient, medieval perhaps. Or are we in the present day, with drums and electric guitars, in the streets of Montreal (which feel like Europe anyways) – protesting alongside the 2012 student strike? Raising our voices loud and in harmony, across languages and cultural differences.

Rebecca Foon’s cello, haunting and alive, blends fluidly among the many musical styles present on the album. From the heights of “The Neighbourhoods Rise”, to the softness of “Our Love We Sing”, to the rhythmic technicalities of “19/14”, she has our full attention. Bruce Cawdron’s marimbas, vibraphones, and glockenspiel create palettes of moods effortlessly.

Lost Voices is timeless, contemporary, and at the same time rooted in Western tradition – but not without questioning and challenging it.

David Parker

Contributor at DOMINIONATED
David Parker is a multi-instrumental musician, composer, sound designer and digital media artist based in Halifax NS. He is a singer-songwriter who performs his songs in a folk-rock act called Slow Man Tofu. He has collaborated in drone-kosmische act Fire Moss (Kingston, ON) and released an EP of duets with pianist Stefan Christoff (Howl Arts, 2014). David’s digital media artwork uses microcontrollers and audio processing in a collaborative duo with circus aerialist and movement artist Jane Kirby of Lowlit Aerial Arts. He is a web developer, programmer, and digital designer who does consulting and contract work for non-profits, schools and small businesses.
David Parker

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