Cool Coma

by David Parker

November 24, 2016

Phern, Cool Coma

Between the intersecting crosswalks at a busy intersection – an example of urban planning gone horribly wrong – Phern have created a traffic jam. Oppressive heat is turning my head into mush, so it’s hard to think. Each of these tunes, I can get into. Nothing is quite missing. All the things are in place. My friends are saying something, and I’m wondering if I should respond in English or French – the perennial question when hanging out in Montreal. Sitting on the roof of this old warehouse, looking out at what seems not unlike East Berlin, Communist-era buildings that all served a purpose 40 years ago but have since turned into urban relics. I’m talking about how I wished I had gone to art school, but predictably, they’re not sympathetic.

David Parker

Contributor at DOMINIONATED
David Parker is a multi-instrumental musician, composer, sound designer and digital media artist based in Halifax NS. He is a singer-songwriter who performs his songs in a folk-rock act called Slow Man Tofu. He has collaborated in drone-kosmische act Fire Moss (Kingston, ON) and released an EP of duets with pianist Stefan Christoff (Howl Arts, 2014). David’s digital media artwork uses microcontrollers and audio processing in a collaborative duo with circus aerialist and movement artist Jane Kirby of Lowlit Aerial Arts. He is a web developer, programmer, and digital designer who does consulting and contract work for non-profits, schools and small businesses.
David Parker

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