Between Years

by Michael Beda

September 20, 2019

Fasten your safety-belts, folks; Between Years, the instrumental EP from Bodyhorror (aka Toronto-based musician Sean Panacci) is an exhilarating amusement park roller coaster ride. In a mere thirteen minutes, Bodyhorror drops and twists you, and just as you think you’ve found the time to catch your breath, they whip you around another unexpected corner.

The aptly named opening track “Let’s Go” doesn’t hold anything back. The ride starts with pulsating lights beaming across your face as you set off into the dark unknown, totally unprepared for what’s to come. It doesn’t take long before the first drop sends you into a swirling spiral of wondrous uncertainty. Synths complement an impressive percussion section featuring subtle polyrhythms towards the song’s culmination. “The Twins” calms things down a little with similar synth-tones, additional catchy syncopations, more thrills, yet slightly slower tempos. “Poster Villain” is the shortest song of the three, but is arguably full of the sharpest turns, most dizzying loops, and an abrupt descent back to earth. Enjoy the ride!

Michael Beda

Contributor at DOMINIONATED
Michael Beda was born and bred up in the whimsical northern town of Timmins, Ontario. He is a national champion in Quidditch (seriously, ask him about it yourself), and has taken a seat behind the drums in a variety of groups in different townships.
Michael Beda

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