Nice View

by Laura Stanley

August 12, 2019

About the crush she had on somebody, my friend once said to me: “it feels like my heart has the flu.”  Sure, it’s a bit of a melodramatic declaration but it’s also a pitch-perfect description of the agony — particularly the incessant sweating and nausea — of having a crush.

BBQT’s latest release Nice View is a sympathetic companion for those battling the symptoms of being in like with somebody. In five quick and catchy pop-rock tracks, BBQT wade through the murky waters of having a crush. Within the EP’s opening moments, on the sunny track “Cut and Dry,” lead singer Amery Sandford strives to be blasé about her feelings: “I know there’s something there, I’m trying not to care.” By the following track “No Shade,” the EP’s highlight, Sandford is fed up and, wanting to put down her heavy emotions, sings, “I don’t want to think of you, I’ve got things to do.” 

On the flip side of the EP, the crush dissipates and things don’t sound as sunny anymore. The title track is a brief, sour power-pop tune that feels equivalent to an eye-twitch; on Nice View’s closing track “In My Dream,” the undertow from the surf-rock riff drags you into a fever dream. The dream’s haziness makes you realize that it’s time to get out of bed and move on.

Each BBQT release is a winner and Nice View is no exception. Dig in.

Laura Stanley

Contributor at DOMINIONATED
Laura is a freelance writer from Toronto. She was an editor of the now-defunct Canadian music blog Grayowl Point and is currently the folk & country editor of Exclaim! Magazine. She has a lot of feelings.
Laura Stanley

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