1. adjective.  Obstinate and unapologetic in one’s opinions and predilections for music created within the geographical, political, and metaphysical borders of the land known as Canada;

2. noun. An online compendium, collaboratively compiled by Canadian music makers and enthusiasts, celebrating and reflecting the diversity of Canada’s musical culture;

3. noun. The spiritual successor to Quick Before It Melts, 2006-2016.

DOMINIONATED is about building community and making human-to-human connections through the shared experience of music. It is a digital compendium, a concise collection of information, insight, and inspiration from ‘Canadian’ music by those who create it and consume it.

DOMINIONATED is compiled by Contributors who manage administrative and editorial tasks and create its content, with input from Artists who share their creations with Community Members, who are encouraged to share their personal experiences, celebrations, and reflections on Canada’s diverse musical culture.

We welcome all those interested in helping to build DOMINIONATED. Contact us here for more information.


Mac Cameron – Cofounder (Toronto, ON)  
While he is generally level-headed, Mac tends to get passionate about music. He was a contributor to Quick Before It Melts and is a member of Somersaulter.

Jim Di Gioia – Cofounder (Niagara Falls, ON)   
Jim started the music blog Quick Before It Melts. In 2016, he ended it. DOMINIONATED is its spiritual successor. Jim’s served on the Polaris Music Prize jury since 2009 (always a jurist, never a grand jurist), and the Prism Prize since 2013. He never says no to poutine. Like ever.

Geoff Parent – Contributing Editor (Toronto, ON)
Geoff Parent is an aspiring writer/musician who lives in Toronto. He hopes to one day complete the gene sequence of dinosaur DNA using that of a frog’s in order to open a prehistoric biological preserve off the coast of Costa Rica. He plays drums in a band called Somersaulter.

Bryce Charlie – Contributor (Edmonton, AB)
One part art. Two parts hooliganism. Bryce is a writer and creative producer from Edmonton, Alberta. You can get in touch through Instagram @b.d.charlie or by sending him a letter: PO Box 20003 Beverly, Edmonton, AB,T5W 5E6 CANADA.

Rob Dickson – Contributor (Whitehorse, YT)   
Rob is a genuine Canadian music fan. Rob works as an environmental engineer in environmental site assessment, water treatment, and water supply. When he isn’t working on projects related to water and the environment, he focuses on writing and music.

James Jackins – Contributor (Edmonton, AB)   
Former college athlete, current entrepreneur and one of the worst musicians you’ll meet, he’s just glad he found a way into the industry. A sonic explorer- no genre of music is off limits. James took his passion of working with musicians and recording/filming live sessions to start his own business, a project called Healthy Phat / Instagram @wearehealthyphat.

Soraya Mamiche – Contributor (Montreal, QC)
While studying in Montreal, Soraya seeks out new music and writes about some of the stuff she finds.

Jon Neher – Contributor (Regina, SK)   
Jon plays in too many bands, but he’s working on that. Jon also wants people to talk about the music they listen to in greater detail and he’s working on that too, whether it’s through his work as an artist, as an educator, or as a writer.

David Parker – Contributor (Halifax, NS)   
David Parker is a multi-instrumental musician, composer, sound designer and digital media artist based in Halifax NS. He is a singer-songwriter who performs his songs in a folk-rock act called Slow Man Tofu. He has collaborated in drone-kosmische act Fire Moss (Kingston, ON) and released an EP of duets with pianist Stefan Christoff (Howl Arts, 2014). David’s digital media artwork uses microcontrollers and audio processing in a collaborative duo with circus aerialist and movement artist Jane Kirby of Lowlit Aerial Arts. He is a web developer, programmer, and digital designer who does consulting and contract work for non-profits, schools and small businesses.

Olivia Pasquarelli – Contributor (Toronto, ON)   
When she’s not talking about music, Olivia is trying to make it in radio.

Natasha Ramoutar – Contributor (Toronto, ON)   
Natasha exists in that space between one way of being or another, somehow bridging them both. She writes and lives in Scarborough.

Michael Thomas – Contributor (Edmonton, AB)   
Michael is the founder of the now-defunct Canadian music blog Grayowl Point, and will probably never stop loving Canadian music. He is currently learning captioning and court reporting in Edmonton and also enjoys talking about the Toronto Blue Jays and comedy podcasts.

Josh Weinberg – Contributor (Richmond Hill, ON)   
Josh may speak softly, but he carries a big computer (and an even bigger sense of humour). When he’s not writing about music, he’s working away either playing drums or writing songs of his own. He’s a firm believer that “behind every set of liner notes is a great story. You just have to hear it for yourself.”

Thomas Williams – Contributor (Toronto, ON)   
Thomas is all about the sonic exploration. He will listen to anything – anything at all. Exploring the depths of whatever he can get his hands on. He also went to something called jazz school and plays bass.